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Little Venice of the Canary Islands

In this idyllic corner of the southwest of the island of Gran Canaria, boats and small fishing boats are mixed with yachts and pleasure boats. Together with its white sand beach and the urbanized perimeter, it forms one of the most elegant and suggestive tourist complexes on the island. Also part of this scenario are the restaurants, shops and gardens that follow each other on the pedestrian paths of its streets. Next to the pier, the urbanization of houses on small water channels rises, which increases the charm of the marine neighborhood.
Another exceptional picture is visible in front of the old fish market, where the small boats of the fishermen rest and others wait outside the water for a touch up in their worn out paint. Some children play with the networks that their parents use daily to "bring bread home." Others try to imitate fishermen with tiny rods. Walking through its streets, stopping in its canals or sitting on a pole to see life go by is a delight.




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